“Executive functions are an important predictor of academic performance and essential for academic success.”

Pascual, Muñoz and Robles, 2019

Executive functioning skills include:

  • Planning/Prioritizing
  • Organization
  • Time Management
  • Goal-Directed Persistence
  • Task Initiation
  • Sustained Attention
  • Flexibility
  • Working Memory
  • Response Inhibition
  • Emotional Control
  • Metacognition – awareness and understanding of one’s own thoughts

Executive functions are cognitive processes that work together to regulate behavior, make decisions, and accomplish goals. Students with executive function deficits need help with planning, organizing, and initiating tasks while managing time and materials. These self-monitoring skills are needed for succeeding academically and in life in general.

Students with executive function deficits have difficulties with keeping track of assignments. They struggle with how to begin a task and envisioning the outcome of the process. Additionally, executive function issues often present with other behaviors such as trouble controlling emotions or impulses, difficulty listening or paying attention, limited short-term memory, inability to multitask, and socially inappropriate behavior. Suffering from any of these challenges can make students feel lost and frustrated.

Fortunately, executive functioning skills can be learned and developed. An individualized treatment plan can be implemented for the student to help improve their self-awareness, develop their sense of time, learn how to visualize a schedule, and the outcomes of an intended task. With these life skills, students are able to independently approach any task, simple or complex, in a methodical and organized manner through its successful completion.

[Self-Test] Could Your Child Have an Executive Function Deficit? – ADDitude Magazine

Services are offered in the location that is preferred by the family: 

  • In person at Alina’s office in Novato, California
  • In person at the student’s home or school, within Marin County, California
  • Online from anywhere via Zoom